Reasons to Work with a Sun Valley Real Estate Agent

Reasons to Work with a Sun Valley Real Estate Agent

  • April Lepito Smith
  • 01/26/22

When it comes to home sales, those who are buying and selling Sun Valley real estate are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The endgame for a buyer is usually completely contradictory to what a seller is after. 

Keep in mind most sellers are hoping to get the highest offers for their properties while buyers are hoping to purchase at the lowest price possible. Despite these opposing needs, the ultimate objective is always the same: everyone wants the real estate negotiations to end in the making of a deal.

Save time

In a recent report, the National Association of Realtors revealed 87% of buyers and 90% of sellers employed a real estate agent in 2021. Therefore, when it comes to selling or purchasing Sun Valley real estate, the advantages of utilizing the services of an agent are numerous. In addition to saving time, a real estate professional will handle complex aspects of the process which would take most homeowners a good amount of time to understand. Furthermore, when it comes to houses for sale in Sun Valley, the financial value real estate agents contribute to transactions will far outweigh their commission. 

Since buyer's agents are paid directly from the proceeds of a sale, you don’t have to pay any direct costs while buying a home with an agent. For sellers, listing agents often produce a higher final sale price than you could get acting as your own sales agent.

It’s incredibly challenging for those who don't have substantial knowledge of real estate to handle such transactions on their own. That’s why working with trained real estate sales professionals with a proven track record will only work in your favor. When deep in the process of buying and selling, it’s invaluable to have someone you trust providing you with sound guidance, information, and more to resolve any difficulties.

Save money

Since time is money, Sun Valley real estate agents can help you save both with access to the MLS. The MLS is one of the most effective marketing tools in the industry. This powerful tool allows realtors to stay informed about open houses, new listing notifications, and other important marketing knowledge, streamlining the process of finding suitable properties to consider.

In addition, any real estate transaction will involve tons of technical language, terms, and concepts any home buyer or seller will need to comprehend. Working with an experienced agent well versed in real estate lingo will allow for expedited managing of the numerous documents, contracts, and more required paperwork when looking for houses for sale in Sun Valley. When it comes time to make an offer, you will require some of your own documents to show, and a real estate professional can help you gather and prepare these materials.

A Sun Valley real estate agent brings ethics and professional responsibility to the table

The terms "ethics and professional" refer to an agent's duty to their clients, as they have an obligation to prioritize their customers' wellbeing. For-sale-by-owner resellers of houses for sale in Sun Valley do not have this obligation and are therefore less secure when it comes a time as a home purchaser to hand over your most sensitive and private data. In comparison, Sun Valley real estate agents guarantee a much higher degree of integrity to ensure you are treated fairly and ethically throughout the whole process.   

Expert negotiation

Sun Valley real estate agents know how to negotiate skillfully and most have their own proven methods to make a transaction work in their favor. They also have no personal attachment in the matter which allows for an even mind free of impaired judgment. 

Understand it’s the job of your Sun Valley real estate agent to get the best price for your home or to make sure you receive the best bargain on the property you want to buy. For instance, you might be willing to submit a higher offer to snag your Sun Valley dream house, never knowing that spending this additional money isn’t necessary. However, your agent would catch this quickly and utilize certain negotiating advantages you weren’t aware you had. This is one of the most critical ways an agent will save you money, as their understanding of negotiation and bargaining points will help prevent you from making a costly mistake. 

A professional knows the market

Each real estate market has its distinct characteristics and pricing trends, all of which are well known by local real estate agents. Beyond their ability to recognize when an asking price is too high for one of the houses for sale in Sun Valley, they will be able to employ their knowledge when you have specific questions about the kind of community you want to live in, how far you want to commute to work, or what kind of schools you want your children to attend. If you’re unfamiliar with the various neighborhoods in Sun Valley, they’ll be able to walk through the defining features and highlights of each so you can make an informed choice of where to search for a house. 

Buyers are usually very clear about what they want in a home — from size to amenities, to location, and more. However, buyers are typically less aware of other important details, such as heating problems, leakage, rooftop issues, mildew, mold, or even pest problems. Whereas you might miss these in a house tour, an agent will be able to spot warning signs and choose the best course of action.

The reasons to work with an experienced Sun Valley real estate agent are countless for both buyers and sellers. If you’re ready to take the next step and start looking for a home or preparing yourself for sale, reach out to trusted local agent April Smith for expert guidance and advice. 




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